Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 23, 2016

Gilmore is the best show ever, which is why I subscribe to this monthly box that this lip balm came in! This reference of "Vicious Trollop" comes from an episode called "There's The Rub" (Season 2, Episode 16). Now I knew exactly what scene and the premiss of the episode, but I did need to look up the name, series & season # on IMDB! Vicious Trollop was the name of a shade of lipstick that Loreali shared with her mom as they endured an over-night spa weekend together. This is more of a Chapstick that they had specially made at an etsy shop for the subscription box. It's original "flavor" is red berries and smells like a combo of strawberries and cherries. It has a deep berry tint to it that leaves your lips looking like a light berry-pink. It is very hydrating but is not any different than any other lip chap. The special-ness of it is all on the name and the reference to one of the only civil times Loreali had with her mother!!!




Red Berries Lip Chap

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Vicious Trollop

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Stars Hallow Monthly Box

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