California Bricksadded September 29, 2018

Lately, my Snupps page has slowed down quite a bit. With school back up and running and a plethora of other things in my personal life, I just don't have time to post as often as I once did. But I'd still like to try to make an effort to please everyone, so I'm asking once again for some MOC ideas. While I asked you all on LEGO MOC Nation this very question a few weeks ago, I got very few replies, so I'm trying again in a better format. As always, I use parts I have in hand, and I do not source parts in for MOCS, so nothing too extravagant. Thank you in advance for your Ideas!

JohnOctober 10, 2018

@LEGOMate you should!

SamOctober 12, 2018



I’d love to see some Lego train mocs, many of the Lego train builders have been a lot quieter on social media as of late so it would be nice to see some more people getting into the Lego model railroading community. If you were to start, I’d recommend beginning with a train from the big screen as there would be more free range to change things. Also, as you like Disney, I think it would be quite cool to see someone build the rest of the Walt Disney Railroad fleet to go along with Lego’s own model.