MaV Da MaD CoLLeCToRFebruary 16, 2018

@Ch4nce.rh I hear that this is going into my sealed collection . I have another set to open up on YouTube

C4February 16, 2018

@MaVeRk That’s cool I was thinking about recording the unboxing for my YouTube but too much was going on and I decided just to open it myself and pulled a full art Cynthia full art glaceom rainbow rare xurkitree xurkitree full art and some other full art trainers/gx’s so I did pretty good picking the right box lol. The other sealed one will be worth a lot in a few years especially since the Set is not being produced anymore.

MaV Da MaD CoLLeCToRFebruary 17, 2018

@Ch4nce.rh that's crazy pulls that's awesome. Yea thats why I'm keeping a few sealed away cause it will definitely be worth alot more later on . Definitely a good choice doing that