Makoadded June 18, 2018

Despite Europe being promised this release too, aksys never released this limited edition in Europe. Not only that but the European version was very poorly distributed so now its super expensive for no reason. So I imported this US LE for around £55. Wanted this for ages but I definitely also wanted the LE so it took a while cause of the price, and my tendency to spend any money I get as soon as I get it.
* Plush
* Blade Card Game Deck
* 60 Page Art Book
* CD Soundtrack
* Collectors Box
* The Game

ShannJune 19, 2018

Yeah its bad how it was distributed, i managed to get the normal european one for around £44 off ebay

MakoJune 19, 2018

@ArcaneArcana ye I remember aksys on twitter sending links to some online european stores but the stores looked like the kind that would steal all your info and send you a piece of coal instead xp

ShannJune 19, 2018

@Mako98 haha that made me laugh 😂😂 but yeah i know what you mean