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(Pic by @Cealyflower)
Moondust’s heart was pounding. She was pacing up and down the corridor outside of the exam room. She had her spell book closely clutched to her body. “Calm down Moondust!” I know you’ll be fine, I mean when have you ever failed a test?” her father attempted to calm her.
“I know Dad! I just… what if my spell doesn’t work?” Moondust replied.
“It will sweetie, I believe in you”
Moondust smiled. “I love you Dad”
“I love you too”
Moondust and Night Comet hugged one another. Once they released each other, Night Comet playfully messed up Moondust’s mane. “Dad!” Moondust said whilst fixing her mane.
“A… Moondust Twinkle” A pony called from the examination room.
“Uh… yes?” Moondust replied.
“You’re next”
A quivering Moondust replied “…o-okay…”
Moondust and her father began to trot into the exam room as another young filly ran out in tears. Moondust was trembling.
She passed all of the questions the examiners asked her. Her dad stood by the window clapping silently, trying not to distract her. “We believe you have a spell prepared.”
“Um… yes I do. I made it myself”
“Well we haven’t got all day” The examiners picked up their clipboards and began to take notes. Moondust opened up her spell book. She took a deep breath and began to perform her spell. Her horn began to glow, creating a large hole in the ceiling as she began to float up into the air. A magical blue beam began to rise from her horn. Her magic continued to rise until it hit the moon. The moon reflected her magic and it hit the stars; they began to twinkle. The beams reflected back into one and shone back towards Moondust. Her body began to glow, her eyes opened wide and turned white. A beautiful blue mist began to be emitted from the moon and it floated into Moondust. She gently floated back down and she was unconscious.

Moondust TwinkleSeptember 7, 2019

Pic by @cealyflower 💗💕✨

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@Moondust_Twinkle ahhh so old

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