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Eventually, they reached the Castle of The Two Sisters and the cave that held the Tree of Harmony. “Where are we? I can’t see a thing!” Dove said. Moondust used her magic to light the way. “We’re here! The Tree of Harmony!” Moondust shouted.
“The tree of what now?” Midnight Eclipse asked.
Moondust had an idea of what to do. After several moments of thought, she realised that she wasn’t capable of doing anything alone and she summoned Twilight and her friends. “Moondust? Is that you? What’s happening?” Twilight asked.
“The Nightmare Forces!” Moondust worriedly said.
“The what?” Why are we here?”
“Maybe you could use the elements? I thought I could do something with the tree but... I can’t. I know you can’t use them anymore but…” Moondust bowed her head.
“I’m sorry Moondust, but we can’t use the elements anymore” Twilight replied.
Moondust thought for a moment. Her eyes twinkled as the idea of what to do came to her mind. “Okay, I know what to do!” Moondust remembered what her spell had done once before. She teleported her spell book to her and began to flick through it. “What are you doing?” Cealy asked.
“I’m going to use my spell to use my moon magic to defeat the Nightmare Forces.”
“What’s moon magic?” asked Sweetie Swirl.
“It’s what I call my special powers that the moon gave me” Moondust replied. Moondust went on to explain that the moon magic that she possessed gave her the ability to do spells that no pony else was able to do. It was special, her destiny. “I’m going to use my magic to destroy the Nightmare Forces. My magic is connected to the moon and the night sky. I can use my ‘light’ magic to defeat the darkness. But it will take all of my power, I don’t know what will happen to me…”
“No! No way! You’re not doing this alone!” Cealy said.
“Of course, I am, no pony else has access to the moon magic. It has to be me”
“No, like I said before; together or not at all! If you do this, so do we!”Sweetie Swirl said as she embraced Moondust and Cealy. They both smiled. “And me!” D

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