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Moondust smiled and wiped away a tear. “No pony has ever done anything like this for me before.”
“Well we’re your friends!” Said Cealy. Everypony stood together. Moondust looked at everypony “together, or not at all!”
“TOGETHER!” Everypony shouted in unison and they stomped their hooves together. A magical energy began to flow around the group of new-found friends. It re-joined itself when it reached Moondust’s horn and her spell performed itself. Once again, Moondust began to float into the air and her magic created a beam that made the moon visible once again. The magic re-directed itself towards the stars that began to twinkle and the beams were directed into each of Moondust’s friends. The same thing happened to them, they floated into the air and their eyes turned white. A huge flash of light stroke Equestria. Moondust and her friends transformed into new versions of themselves – they each received their own source of moon magic – and Moondust even more. Their friendship united them all and they defeated the Nightmare Forces, together. They floated back to the ground and they transformed back to their normal selves. Moondust, Cealy Flower, Sweetie Swirl, Diamond Bot, Midnight Eclipse and Princess Dove were all laughing and hugging each other. “We did it!” Sweetie Swirl shouted and laughed. “We really did!” Moondust replied. “Although, I don’t understand what we did” Diamond Bolt stated. The princesses appeared and approached the friends. “You did it together. You each stood by your friends and did it together” Princess Celestia smiled. “Moondust’s spell allowed you to each absorb your own part of the moon magic. You each now possess your own moon magic; however, it isn’t the same as Moondust’s” Princess Luna added.
“Why not?” Moondust asked.
“Moon magic is your destiny, Moondust, which means it affects you differently. It is more powerful for you. Only you can control it, your friends will only be able to access their moon magic when you are all united and work

Moondust TwinkleSeptember 21, 2019

@xoxo_MlpDreams hehe thank you so much pff! I’m so glad you like it! 💕✨

~Queen Kazumi Dove~September 22, 2019


Moondust TwinkleSeptember 22, 2019

@KittyClaws hehe I’m so glad you like it pff! 💕✨