Nicholas Keckadded April 8, 2018

Couldn't upload the actual digital art due to stupid cropping system, so I had take photo from my phone in order to fit the entire work. you will find most of my oc here in my art folder here, and I place who each character are below.
Top left: Fire Lancer
Top right: Knightrogen
Below Fire Lancer: Flower Archer Hanako

Below Knightrogen: Si-Fi gunship pilot
Left of Hanako: Steampunk Mechanic Jeff
Right of gunship pilot: Kenshi (only non-oc character)
Left of pilot or the center: 'Merica! Soldier
Left of 'Merica soldier: Angel
Right of Angel: Russian soldier
Very bottom: Roadeo

Nicholas KeckApril 8, 2018

@caitlin_cat *austistic screech*

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Nicholas KeckApril 13, 2018

@MrCrowHogan18 thank you very much