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Captain James Cook was a British captain in the Royal Navy. expertise in navigation and cartography, he made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, which he became the first European contact with coast of Australia and the Hawaii, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand, first to sail through arctic circle, he was killed in Hawaii in1779, leaving a legacy of important geography and scientific knowledge.
Majesty's cartographer
Cook can map out any territory he come in contact with precision, and he aready have full knowledge of Oceania region (Australia, New Zealand) and Polynesia (Hawaii, Tahiti) region
Sword of Australis
Sword possessed by Cook with three special abilities:
Hesperus of Endeavor:
Create powerful flame attack against enemy, this spread damage attack can be use every 243 slash against the enemy
Frozen Resolution:
Unleash curve of ice in the ground when slashing, and ice obstacles surrounding cook when stab blade into the ground
Discovery of Death:
If sword is taken from Cook, whoever's possess the blade will be severally damaged or even die, and Cook will sustain small damages too.
Syrups of Antiscorbutic
Provide low amounts of health boost and reduce danage from biological attacks to allies during naval combat.

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