Nightmare Raraadded March 23, 2019

Tia is in poor condition. Her hair has been cut, and is still unmanageable even after a heat treatment. She once got stained, so I sanded the stains off and varnished her to prevent it from happening again. In the process, a little piece of her eyelash was sanded off too. I don't have any of her original accessories, but if you'd like to trade for her I have some wings that fit her.

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Shimmer Flutters Princess Celestia



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Nightmare RaraMarch 23, 2019

@lps.mlp2564 What about Sunny Rays?

@pearlmarineMarch 23, 2019

She is going to someone else sorry

Nightmare RaraMarch 24, 2019

@lps.mlp2564 What about Moondancer, Twirly Treats or Nurse Redheart?