Nightmare Raraadded April 15, 2019

♡This outfit is completely covered in flowers, the skirt of the dress is bursting with sparkling flora, and has a headpiece to match. To finish, the outfit has a set of stockings (two short ones for the front hooves and two long ones for the back hooves). The outfit has many rhinestones and plenty of glitter.
This outfit includes:
☆One Floral Dress (mesh skirt with the flowers glued onto it and a floral print strap, complete with glitter and rhinestones)
☆A Matching Headpiece (Floral print with three roses glued on, also with glitter and rhinestones)
☆ A Set of Stockings (Net: two are short for the front hooves and two are long for the back hooves)
|This dress is best for pegasi ponies, but will fit others as well.
~Have a dress custom made for your pony. All generations accepted. Message me or email me at

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Nightmare Rara

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