Jesse WaltersDecember 12, 2019
Edwardio DanielDecember 12, 2019

I have those 3 and the black/grey pair too. I had the white and blue pair when they first dropped my 8th grade year. KG was my favorite player so they were a must have for me

Jesse WaltersDecember 12, 2019

@RaginAzn yea I didn't even know about the black/grey pair!? I can't find any that are DS but I'm looking! And there's also a white & navy blue pair also. These are all in great shape tho I feel like I'm lucky to find them

Edwardio DanielDecember 14, 2019

@NortheastSneakerbeast yeah the black and grey pair came out when they retroed them. The white and navy pair is an og colorway.