Patrick Gadded September 3, 2019

Ok, this is one of the figures I wanted in the Studio Series and I was sooo excited to see that they actually decided to make this figure. And, it’s not too bad.
The figure itself is the same one as we’ve seen in the previous Voyager Class Optimus Prime, other than the new sculpted abdomen and the new, movie accurate, flames on his forearms.
Now, to the new stuff. I’m not disappointed by the pretty dull grey plastic because I k ow the reasons why Hasbro didn’t do it( money costs). So, I’m pretty happy with what we got.
The jet pack is cool besides the hollow bits. But it does well to replicate what we saw in the movie. The weapon armory also does a good job with what we saw in the movie. Yea it’s full and pretty lifeless but it gets the job done.
Now, my complaints are with the weapons themselves. More specifically, the shield. It doesn’t really act like a shield, but more something that Optimus would hold if he wanted to poke someone’s eyes out. I wish they made it bigger as well cause it is kind of pathetic on how small it is. But he never used in the movie so it’s no BIG deal for me.
Overall, it’s not the best Leader Class figure, not the best SS figure to date, but I had the most fun with this one out of the two I have gotten in this wave. And that’s what’s important to me, whether or not I have fun with the figure, cause that’s what we all want right?

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