Patrick Gadded October 7, 2019

He is a good deluxe Class figure. Say what you want about the movie, the figures that came from this line was actually pretty good. Yea it had its stinkers, but I feel Barricade isn’t one of them.
For a deluxe Class figure, his articulation is pretty good. I mean, he has WIRST SWIVELS!! That’s unheard of in deluxe class figures. So the possibilities are endless in what kind of pose you want this guy in.
Sadly, as much as I love this figure for this mold is one of the very first I bought as a collector, the paint is meh at best. Yea, it’s very nice in the chest section, in which what would be the car mode, but everywhere else it’s kind of bland.
Accessories are really cool, since it really elevated the bad cop vibe you get from him.
Overall, he’s a really nice figure and I won’t be selling him again. I’m kind of split on which design if movie Barricade I prefer. The first is very nostalgic for me, but I really do like the update they gave him. Not sure to be honest.

Justin YatesOctober 8, 2019

I got him a couple years ago

Patrick GOctober 8, 2019

@silverknight I first got him when The Last Knight was still in theaters but I recently just sold mine over the summer and regretted it ever since, so I finally went out and got him again and still pleased with him

Justin YatesOctober 8, 2019

@PatG101 you do know that they started releasing the figures when the movie was still in theaters , so who's to say I didn't get mine the same time as you , by the way I was trying to be funny about that last part I just wanted to let you know in case you took it the wrong way