@PhobosDeimosadded July 23, 2019

My first Hi-Res kit and I gotta say...damn!!! This thing is sick! The ultra high gloss finish is so nice with the matte and all the color separation. It’s pretty solid too, with the exception of a couple parts (mainly the back of the forearm armor). If you’re a fan of Gundam Wing, this is a must-own...heck, even if you’re not...buy this!

SmalJuly 25, 2019

Hi res kits are awsome i reccomend Barbatos hi res that one is awsome

SmalJuly 25, 2019

I have it and that ones frame is quite nice except the right arm is kinda loose

@PhobosDeimosJuly 25, 2019

@SmalTradingCards yeah they all look pretty awesome but I hear there are a few QC issues with the first couple ones.