PokeDad_Gymadded December 2, 2017
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🎉👉 ^ January 21 12:03 am E.S.T. ^ NEW ITEMS JUST POSTED 👈🎇 ~~ ⚡💳 FOR SALE OR TRADE 💸⚡~~~Most of the Items I have on Other Shelves are ALSO FOR SALE~~~👉🔎 Please PM or Email Me ( pokedadgym@gmail.com ) with any questions🔍👈
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Just Got This & It's Soooooo Freakin' Cool !! 👍YES 👍 Many Of These Are For SALE. Interested? Just pm(private message) me.
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English PSA Pokemon Collection Assorted (Base Set has it's own Shelf)
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Spencer GomezDecember 28, 2017

This one

PokeDad_GymDecember 28, 2017

You have good taste. The ONLY reason I'm willing to sell/trade this is because it's not a 10. Still trying to get a 10, but price is nuts