PokeDad_Gymadded December 5, 2017

Thanks soooooo much @TrioMaster.
I was shocked that I won. I've been trying since the first giveaway you had. I had the win in a week and the packaging was INSANE perfect. That both whiter box in the picture is what Trio used to package the game and 2 cards just to be sure they all arrived undamaged.
Color me IMPRESSED. You have a fan for life @TrioMaster.
Btw, this is #PROOFto everyone on Snupps that @TrioMaster 's giveaways are 100% LEGIT
Hey Lords and Ladies of Snupps, if you want to win too just do what I did and join his group here http://snupp.it/azA7mD , look for the current contest, and follow the simple steps to enter. Easy as that, promise.

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Just Got This & It's Soooooo Freakin' Cool !! 👍YES 👍 Many Of These Are For SALE. Interested? Just pm(private message) me.
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PokeDad_GymDecember 5, 2017

LoL. I know. I got executed when i got my package

Barry MoffattDecember 25, 2017

That's cool wait did you buy it

PokeDad_GymDecember 26, 2017

Won it from this group http://snupp.it/DOFtwJ