PokeDad_Gymadded May 24, 2018

I feel I may have made this confusing for folks that are wanting to Enter the Drawing.
I may adjust the date of the actual drawing, which would likely increase the amount of winners, if things pick up after today's Reminder Post of the Giveaway
LET US KNOW šŸ‘‰ ON THE ORIGINAL POST OF THE GIVEAWAY šŸ‘ˆ when Your Entry Is COMPLETE so We can assign you a number for the drawing. You can also send us a dm/pm if you need any help at all.
The original is here http://snupp.it/Nw7AWx
šŸ†˜šŸ†˜šŸ†˜ Thanks again and GOOD LUCK šŸ‘šŸ‘

Blaze MartinezJune 3, 2018


Magic CharizardJune 9, 2018

Palkia & darkrai &giratina