Poke’ ManChildadded March 31, 2018

Went a lil crazy at Wal-Mart and Dollarama today.
Sadly they didn’t have any Sun&Moon blisters, but love me XY just as much loll.
Got myself some more "Inventory" for my percy "Store" lolll.
8 Blisters x 3 Packs, nice total of 24 packs lollll
-XY Evolutions x 9
-XY SteimSiege x 5
-XY BreakThrough x 4
-XY Primal Clash x 3
-XY Furious Fists x 3
14 x 4 Tradding Cards blisters(Dollarama)

TylerApril 1, 2018

That's so unfair