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Pokémon Gym Heroes released on August 30th 2000 and Pokémon Gym Challenge released on October 16th 2000 were two sets based on the eight Gym Leaders of the Kanto Region. Both sets featured a 1st Edition print run and were the final two sets released marking the end of Generation 1.
First off was Gym Heroes that featured the first four Gym Leaders such as:
• Brock
• Erika
• Misty
• Lt. Surge
Next was Gym Challenge that featured the final four Gym Leaders such as:
• Blaine
• Koga
• Sabrina
• Giovanni
Blaine's Moltres from Gym Heroes was the first card that required five Energy Cards for an attack. Blaine's Arcanine from Gym Challenge was also the first card to feature a 120 damage attack.
Both Pokémon Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge are considered to be one of the most successful sets in the world!



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Omg where did u get these

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