@PokemonCenturyadded March 17, 2019

Eevee was 1 out of 5 Promotional cards from the Munch: A Retrospective art exhibition which took place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum between October 27th 2018 to January 20th 2019!
These cards include:
• Eevee
• Rowlet
• Psyduck
• Pikachu
• Mimikyu
Eevee, Rowlet & Psyduck were available at Pokémon centres across Japan with the purchase of any 2 booster packs which started on November 2nd 2018!
Pikachu was distributed to visitors during Pokémon week which ran from December 10th to December 16th 2018 and was limited to one per person!
Mimikyu was available in the Pikachu/Eevee Scream Mini Card File which could be purchased from the shop present at the exhibition and also the Pokémon Center Online.

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