@PokemonCenturyadded July 8, 2019

Given to employees of The Pokémon Company sometime before the release of Generations in 2016 the white Pokémon booster box has no official name and was not released publicly.
Information about this box was leaked three years ago when a family/friend of an employee visiting the company noticed a white Pokémon booster box on every desk!
Two main reasons why this box exists could be:
1: - It was a gift for the employees to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Pokémon TCG.
2: - It was a failed prototype that didn’t go to plan!
Rumours say that 150-200 of them were produced. How many boxes remain today are unknown but four of them have appeared online and in hands of collectors.



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The Pokémon Company

maybe you could send a picture to the pokemon company and ask them if they have some official paperwork or something for it 🙈😍

@PokemonCenturyJuly 9, 2019

@Keysc23 I did send them an email but they couldn’t give me any information about it. They didn’t seem interested at all. So I’m going to make my way to their London offices sometime this week!