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5005257 / 6232950 Bricktober 2018
4 Minifigures
njo486 Future Jay
njo484 Harumi - Oni Mask of Hatred
njo483 Mohawk
njo485 Nya - Geisha
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5005257 / 6232950



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FrostBiteNovember 9, 2018

Were i can get it

All Bricks CountNovember 9, 2018

@Spitbrixfan12 ebay for sure someone has it but that may not be the best price. Check as well and compare. Both will have this set and all the Bricktober sets for sale. Shop for the best price and shipping combo. If you use Bricklink you might find more stuff from the same seller that you’d like and that could help with shipping costs.

FrostBiteNovember 9, 2018

@RMBrickB ok thanks