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LEGO Star Wars 9492
TIE Fighter
This set was a gift from a lifetime friend I’ve known since 1980. When he gave this set to me he had known I was a huge Star Wars fan. What he didn’t realize was I had been in the LEGO dark ages since 1983 or so.
(He was a Lego Collector himself)
When I built this set.. I fell in love with LEGO all over again. Course when I was a kid I was into Space LEGO. But this single Star Wars set reignited my passion for LEGO, Star Wars, building and creating.
Within a year I had amassed 2 dozen sets. I was hooked.
This iconic set featured 4 Minifigures:
sw375 R5-J2
sw268a TIE Fighter Pilot
sw376 Imperial Officer/Commander
sw374 Death Star Trooper
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WilliamDecember 15, 2018

I got the 2012 x-wing but I always wanted the tie fighter to go with it.

All Bricks CountDecember 15, 2018

@Ultrawesome it is nice to buy the natural pairs. When the Force Awakens ones came out I scooped them fast. Did the same with the ceding and tie fighter from 5 months ago. Love these ships.

All Bricks CountDecember 16, 2018

@ninjagogreen I’m a little surprised that set is giving you so much grief. I found it to be pretty sturdy.