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Lego Star Wars 5005747 / 6275036
Black VIP Frame (Card Display)
Features 1 Minifigure..
sw985 Black VIP
This is a special promo for those that participated in Fall of 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon promotion.
If you bought the UCS set during the Period between the Launch Event and December 31st 2017 with a Vip Account you were automatically “upgraded” to a black VIP account that featured a black vio card and promised upcoming benefits for the next 365 days. The events were largely pretty weak and disappointing.
This set is the attempt to fix that. It’s a frame designed to hold your own customized Black VIP card or optionally the blank card that is included. Features an all black (inexplicably not the hands though) Minifigure with a unique VIP torso print.
As ofnthis writing this set has only been in collectors hands for a week now and is already selling between $125-250+ Cdn sold on eBay. 100-125 on Bricklink.
The total number of these VIP frame produced isn’t known yet.. but it is limited to the Black VIP members. Regular VIP members after December 31st who later bought a Falcon aren’t entitled to this set and will pay scalpers rates to get one.
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PrestonOctober 26, 2019

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