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LEGO Star Wars 75048
The Phantom
Features 2 Minifigures..
sw365 Chopper C1-10P
sw374a Ezra Bridger
As featured in Star Wars Rebels Animated series. This set is designed to be paired with The Ghost 75053 set. Which is why I bought this.
Purchase from a Bricklink store in Norway. I continue to find deals in Europe that after shipping and customs and duties are still better deals at the time than what I can get in Canada or the US. With shipping times that are sometimes on par with local or even better for some reason.
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Northern Lights Norway Bricklink.

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LEGO Star Wars
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@ninjagogreen do you like it?

Ironspider6056April 16, 2019

I just saw it compared to the other one, geez this one SUCKS compared to the other one

The Force Raccoon🥶April 16, 2019

@RMBrickB yeah