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LEGO Star Wars 10131
TIE Fighter Collection
Features 4 Minifigures
sw0004a Darth Vader
sw0143 Droid Brain from TIE/D
sw0035a TIE Fighter Pilot
This is a great set and features what I think is Lego’s first use of Extended/Expanded universe content when they used the TIE/D ship in this set.
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Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter Collection
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LEGO Star Wars
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@SenorEggheadApril 28, 2020

I've always loved this set. I've been collecting LEGO Star wars for a while, but don't have a Darth Vader minifigure. Does anyone know how much the chrome Darth Vader costs?

Ironspider6056April 28, 2020

@SenorEgghead I think it’s quite expensive

All Bricks CountApril 28, 2020

@SenorEgghead in meh condition $70 us. Sealed/mint maybe $200+us. If you just like the look of a chrome Vader buy the lego keychain (3-8$us) and remove the pin in the head. Or buy a fake one for $1.50us.