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LEGO The LEGO Movie 70816
Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! 2014
Features 5 (7?) Minifigures.. 5 figures and 2 Buildable robots..
tlm063 Robo Emmet
tlm074 Astro Kitty
tlm057 Benny
tlm064 Space Wyldstyle
tlm065 Robo Pilot
tlm088 Benny’s Spaceship robot red
tlm089 Benny’s Spaceship robot yellow
Based on content from the 1st LEGO Movie.
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CarlDecember 31, 2018

Looks like this set has some old school parts from LEGO sets from the 80s!

All Bricks CountDecember 31, 2018

@CaptainCarl a few to pay homage to the past. I’ve been wanting it on and off for awhile. Loved the LEGO movie but thought this set was hideous. Still do. But I love classic space as it is what I more or less started with as a kid. But with the new movie, and the space figure pack from the new LEGO movie 2 line I already picked up I felt compelled to grab this set and not let yet another opportunity pass me by. Still think it’s hideous though. ;)