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LEGO Star Wars UCS 75192
Millennium Falcon
Features 8 Minifigures (10 if you count the Buildable ports.. 11 if you count the Buildable Mynock)
porg01 Porg x2
sw677 Rey
sw878 Princess Leia Hoth
sw841 Han Solo Old
sw879 Han Solo
sw676 Finn
sw532 Cheebacca
sw700 C3P0
sw661 BB-8
Been wanting to add this to my Snupps collections for awhile now. Had posted a lot of the original photos to Facebook in the fall of 2017 but apparently didn’t upload much in the way of video.
So I took the old photography of the unboxing and build progress and added that to video I just fined showing some 360 degree video of the set including the Efferman’s stand and the Black VIP Frame set that was the final benefit of that promotion.
Also took some current photos for Snupps.
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Ironspider6056April 8, 2019

@RMBrickB yes definitely but still...

All Bricks CountApril 8, 2019

@ironspider6056 there is no but still. Even with the Star Wars “tax” at the time the piece count to parts for the MF was on par for most of the Star Wars line at the time and actually was better than many of other themes at the time. In our Lego Collectors Canada on Facebook group at the time I had prepared a spread sheet comparing over 400 sets lego had available at the time. The UCS MF compared very well to not just other Star Wars sets.. but on a piece to cost ratio performed better than 3/4 of the sets@on the market at the time and beat out most of the first party sets that lego has no included licence fees. The MF is an expensive set but not really any more than Lego Star Wars as a whole is.. or for that matter most Lego period. This set did do one things though.. it separates the Lego Star Wars fans into 2 distinct groups.. the haves and the have nots. Which sucks as it’s literally the best build to date for any SW set.. and not just because of its@piece count. Huge attention to detail and it was a worthy update to what was previously a pretty sweet set. I’ve been very pleased with this set and hope that its success will help Lego green light even larger more detailed sets. Anyone who wants the set for the figures or is considering buying it for the figures is a retar... is an individual lacking enough sense to realize Lego is a building toy. It needs to be built to be truly enjoyed. Buy the figures and stick them on a shelf if that floats your boat. But that not what Lego means... derived from the Danish phrase leg godt [lɑjˀ ɡ̊ʌd̥], which means "play well". People considering buying just the dogs to sit them on a shelf and never knowing the pleasure of building the largest set lego has ever produced.. I pity them. There are far nicer things than little 2 inch tall abs plastic crap to put on a shelf and look at.

Ironspider6056April 9, 2019

@RMBrickB ok that was a lot! But I’m definitely with you on that. :D