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LEGO Star Wars 75159
UCS Death Star
Features over 25 Minifigures...
sw700 C-3PO
sw532 Chewbacca
sw636b Darth Vader
sw768 Death Star Droid
sw769 Death Star Trooper x2
sw634a Emperor Palpatine
sw770 Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
sw772 Han Solo Stormtrooper
sw771 Han Solo
sw773 Imperial Astromech Droid
sw529 Imperial Gunner x2
sw774 Imperial Navy Officer
sw775 Imperial Officer
sw776 Interrogation Droid
sw777 Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper
sw635 Luke Skywalker Jedi Master
sw778 Luke Skywalker Tatooine
sw156 Mouse Droid
sw552 Obi-Wan Kenobi
sw779 Princess Leia
sw527a R2-D2
sw521b Royal Guard x2
sw585 Stormtrooper x2
I originally won this set in early 2017 from a raffle in the Facebook group LEGO Collectors Canada. I had let it sit for 3 season and then I was fortunate enough to win a second set. :)
So I sold the second and built the first. I’m not a fan of playsets in this theme but as playsets go you can’t beat this set. Lots of play functionality and plenty of figures.
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Lego Star Wars UCS

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@ninjagogreen rich.. no. But LEGO is the only hobby I have that requires money at all. Many purchases are sale and clearances. I buy extra when I. Sale and flip for profit later to support the hobby. But in the case of the Death Star each one I won’t with a $15 raffle draw. So rich.. no. Lucky absolutely. ;)

The Force Raccoon🥶January 19, 2019

@RMBrickB oh

The Force Raccoon🥶January 22, 2019

@RMBrickB well I am still surprised