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Lego Ninjago 70632
Quake Mech
Features 5 Minifigures
njo379 Mike the Spike
njo422 Crusher
njo322 Cole
njo412 Misako
njo421 Fred Finley
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Lego Ninjago

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Lego Ninjago
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@RMBrickB it was down for the entirety of yesterday for me! you were probably asleep half of it

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@batvaleska probably. I’m starting to make a backup of every entry in Google Photos. I’ve taken far too many pictures to loose all of this again. While it’ll hold more pictures and even video it’s not a slick or cool as Snupps with its shelves system. If google photos had shelves I’d probably stop Snupps altogether. I’m not sure what’s been happening to Snupps but I am concerned now.

@RMBrickB yeah..