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71026 Collectible Minifigures Series
Lego DC Super Heroes (2020)
Set of 16
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colsh-1 Mister Miracle
colsh-2 Wonder Woman 1941 first appearance
colsh-3 Aquaman
colsh-4 Star Girl
closh-5 Sinestro
colsh-6 Cheetah
colsh-7 Superman
colsh-8 Green Lantern Simon Baz
colsh-9 Cyborg
colsh-10 Batman 1939 first appearance
colsh-11 Huntress
colsh-12 Metamorpho
colsh-13 Joker
colsh-14 Bumblebee
colsh-15 Flash Jay Garrick
colsh-16 Bat-Mite
This series features a new element.. used to help pose or launch a figure into an action pose. Each figure got one and a jumper element added to its cmf baseplate.
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