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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 6866
Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown
This set features 3 Minifigures and a mini comic
sh032 Deadpool
sh031 Magneto
sh017 Wolverine
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I saw this set listed on the Lego Collectors Canada group on Facebook. When I saw the listing I couldn’t pass it up as I’ve wanted a Deadpool figure.
It is unlikely LEGO will do another regular release Deadpool figure so that makes this a unique figure to have.
This set also included a mini comic.

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Thomas Wong Lego Collectors Canada on Facebook

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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I really want Deadpool

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@ninjagogreen completely understandable. I don’t think I’d have paid for just the figure alone if that was available to me. Getting the complete set is what did it for me. For those trying to decide if they want this figure or if they want something that will look exactly like it there are options. For about a dollar you can order a chinese copy of it. With the same prints front and back. Or, you could buy one of 50 different unique looking Deadpool variant they have made. Also about a dollar each. Some are really good prints with a lot more detail than real lego. Some.. well some are true trash.


@RMBrickB Sounds nice but I could never like fake LEGO