All Bricks CountApril 14, 2019

@ironspider6056 I guess it takes longer for you to get stuff. I get lego in 1-2 days max. Course the real question is how fast does anyone need their lego?! I’ve got 3 lego stores within 15 minutes drive rod me, one is within 15 minutes walk. Not to mention I’ve got 8-10 Walmart’s and 3-4 toys r us locations within 20minutes drive. Getting lego in a timely manner isn’t an issue for me. ;)

Ironspider6056April 14, 2019

@RMBrickB fair enough about the time it takes to get there, first off as I said I’m twelve and my mom doesn’t just let me go down to Morrison’s for example. Morrison’s has 4 sets in their selection and only about last week got the Lego Movie 2 CMF. My somewhat local WHSmiths has a pretty good selection though. Toys’R’us doesn’t exist anymore in the UK and I have no local Lego stores

Ironspider6056April 14, 2019

But my main point was the that they only really have sales when a set is retiring, but maybe I’m wrong. The promotions are great like you said but you can get them off eBay for decently cheap (excluding that marvel minifig pack) I got that year of the pig set for £13.