Ron2600added December 3, 2017

l went to Best Buy on December 2ed (lt came out on Dec 1st) to get this game and it wasn’t on the shelf with the other games ( no price tag/ empty space for it) So l asked if it was behind the registers in the cage with other new games and it wasn’t there either. l had to ask the customer service desk if they could find the game and after a few minutes they found one.
Release date 12/1/2017

Houghton YongeDecember 20, 2017

How is this? Is it better than the original and X?

Ron2600December 20, 2017

l never played the original, and l think the story is better than X. The combat is more refined than X

BootLeg CultureApril 21, 2018

I hope that the first one gets ported over to the switch