Rkicks96added January 26, 2020

So I got a new pickup after having a break from purchasing any new bots for quite a few months. Finally got the last member of my X Transbots Monolith (Menasor) team which is MX-XII Gravestone (Motormaster).
Feels really good to have all 5 members, it’s just really annoying I still have to wait to be able to combine them as X Transbots have decided to release the trailer with all the combiner parts seperate and it hasn’t even been released yet.
Really good to have all 5 members now though. I also realise I didn’t take any photos of their Overheat (Dragstrip) when he arrived months back. I’m going to do reviews and take photos of the rest of the team when I get round to it, so far I’ve only done Crackup (Breakdown)!

Year Made


Purchased From

Tfs Express

Model Number

MX -XII Gravestone


3rd Party Transformers



ChrisJanuary 27, 2020

Been highly considering this fig and building my Menasor, would you recommend? X-Transbots killed it with their limb bots so I’m curious to see how well they did with Motormaster.

Rkicks96January 28, 2020

@PatG101 Cheers man. Definitely going to be getting back into my Rhythm soon, have a fair back log of bots I need to post pics of on here so I’m going to start finding the time to again. This figure is awesome, and the robot mode definitely looks amazing. Really gives the G1 feel!

Rkicks96January 28, 2020

@CB.Culture Gravestone is definitely worth the pickup man. The cab mode is beautiful, and the robot mode looks amazing and really gives off that G1 feel. I would say X-Transbots is worth going with as what they’ve done with this set is awesome and I really can’t wait to be able to combine them into monolith (Menasor). My one and only gripe though is that I wish they would’ve included the trailer in with gravestone like all the other third party companies have done with their Motormastors. We have to now wait even longer for the trailer with all the combiner parts to be released for this set!