Rkicks96added March 8, 2020

One of my most anticipated third party figures of 2019, and boy this figure does not disappoint. It is a real thing of Beauty when combined with the trailer for the combined mode, but as a single bot this Optimus prime gets the job done!
It’s such a badass action figure, it’s a real joy to mess with. Nice strong sturdy joints (Do sometimes worry with how strong the shoulder ratchet joints are) that make it able to pose and get into some awesome action shots. A real great piece to photograph.
Has definite great shelf presence, and this is just the single bot on it’s own. Can’t say enough great things about this figure.
I’m going to take more shots of the other modes this set has to offer, but for now this is just the first part. Feels really good to be getting back into taking photos of my bots and giving my thoughts on them!

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PE-DX10 Jetforce Revive Commander


Third Party Transformers


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