Rkicks96added March 12, 2020

More shots of Jetforce revive Commander/ Optimus prime with one of the other modes that the set has to offer, and I show off the figure in the cab alt mode with the trailer!
Definitely digging this set and I’m really like this mode. Pretty much optimus prime riding a jet board. I think it’s really cool that Perfect effect have found a way to still incorporate some form of jetfire into this set as if he were a jetboard, but it’s to symbolise his jet blackbird alt mode. This set is pretty much perfect effects take and interpretation of a more stylised version of prime combined with jetfire to form jetwing prime from ROTF and it’s amazing.
You could say that this is pretty much a throwaway mode, but in my opinion I think it’s awesome that you can form the board from the trailer and prime looks bad ass with it. The cab mode properly gives off a stylised G1 vibe and it looks beautiful when attached with the trailer.
Really happy with this set!

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PE-DX10 Revive Commander


Third Party Transformers


Perfect Effect