Sebasadded March 19, 2018
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SebasMay 6, 2018

@shiftyshaf I really love this watch, the only issue that I have with this watch is with the bezel, it’s a bit hard to use it, like slippery somehow, but really don’t care because I always keep bezels at the 12th position. I really recommend you this piece, the new one released this year at BW2018 in my opinion looks weird and didn’t like so much, and plus now with the new movement it’s much more expensive

ShafMay 6, 2018

Yeah i agree the new omega 300 looks strange its not for me. But this one looks beautiful in my opinion understated and classy

RMGOctober 5, 2018

Love this watch. Can’t make my mind up between this one and the latest 2018 release, although have to wait until the end of the month for the latest release 🤨