EetuJuly 5, 2020

@Sebas_Uhr Okay nice! I also got two Sinns myself, the 104 and 103 st so I can confirm that Sinn really makes great watches.

Alexis AldroJuly 11, 2020

The two Breitlings are both Navitimers, but the color scheme makes them very different. The Speedy and the Junghans in the bottom left are familiar but the Arabics vs markers also makes a strong difference. I would never let go a Bauhaus. The Omega in the top right, perfect and only Diver in this box. The Reverso is The Elegancy made watch, and a classic. And the Rolex, vintage, as every Rolex should be. This is a perfect combo. No flaws, and you know it!

Alexis AldroJuly 11, 2020

Now I see that there are not two Breitlings, but one of them is a Sinn. Even better!