WarriorWolf66added February 18, 2019

If you would like to read about Charlie, check in my male horses shelf.
Name: Charlie
Show Name: Dark Horse
Championships won: 2
Good at: Dressage, Showjumping.
Sire: Darkbird
Grandsire: Nighthawk
Dam: Black Magic
Hands: 15
Foals sired: 0
Colour: Black
Markings: Stripe, Socks.
Age: 10
Stud Cost: 3 Studbucks





Model Number

Retired Appaloosa Stallion (REPAINT)

Purchased From


Year Made


WarriorWolf66February 18, 2019

I’ll just leave a comment for future reference, Studbucks are a currency that you can use for breeding your horses. I will be generous and give you 10 to start with. You can claim Studbucks whenever you buy a new schliech mare and foal. If you want to breed your horses, state the horses name, age, size, breed, parents and how many foals it has been the dam of.

Lexus BruceMarch 4, 2020

Is this studbucks thing sti going on