Zarahadded March 31, 2019

▪️The pointer and middle finger are 2019 from Masura. This is a bright cherry metallic shade. It dries incredibly shinny and glows on the nails. The formula is great, this is 2 coats, no topcoat.
▪️The ring and pinky finger are Cranberry from Masura as well. Like the name, this is a vibrant cranberry red magnetic. The formula is great, a little on the sheer side. You can use this over black, but I decided to do 3 thin coats on its own, no topcoat.
✨These two are extremely similar. The only real difference that 2019 is a bit brighter and has more of a metallic finish to yet, and it glows on the nails. However, you definitely do not need both of these colors.

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