Zarahadded June 29, 2019

▪️The index and middle is Harlow from Zoya. This is a gorgeous magenta base, with a very fine silver shimmer. Although, it dries to a matte finish, the silver shimmer/glitter is quite noticeable on the nails. The formula is very nice, this is 2 coats, no topcoat. Please note that although it dries fast, you have a reasonable amount of time to work with the formula before it sets.
▪️The middle and pinky is Iris from Zoya. This is a beautiful deep purple matte with a slight silver shimmer. The formula is great, it dries fast, but you still have plenty of time to work with it. There is a slight shimmer, but it’s not that noticeable on the nails.
✨ These two are similar, but certainly not dupes. Iris is more purple and has less shimmer than Harlow, which a has more of a pink undertone.