Alex Milbaueradded March 21, 2018

This used to be my favorite smash game, then smash bros for Wii U came out and I changed my mind. This game is still a great game, I just prefer smash 4 over this game. I would still play this game tho. I really loved the subspace emissary mode in this game. I wished smash 4 had it, and now I hope smash on the switch has it. It was a very fun and long story mode including all the characters from the game put into weird and awesome scenarios. My game case is a little beat up tho because of owning it since 2009 and me bringing to friends houses and my cousins house multiple times, so that’s why I might look a little bad.


Nintendo Masahiro Sakuri

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Got It For Free From My Mom On Easter Around 2009

Year Made


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