Alex Milbaueradded December 9, 2018

The newest smash game in the series is finally out and it’s probably the best one yet. It has the most characters, the most stages, the most music, and a new adventure mode called world of light and a new mode called spirit mode. If u own a switch and don’t have this yet and love smash bros or if u have a switch and have never played a smash bros game then this is the one u should get and try out. It’s really that good. I can’t wait to unlock all the characters. And no I don’t have the switch online so don’t ask me to play cause I probably won’t be buying the switch online subscription cause where it is right now isn’t interesting me enough to pay for it every month or $20 for a year, and yes Ik $20 is cheap but I don’t want to get it atm. I wanna wait and see if they ever add anything worthwhile too it other than just nes games. I’m hoping someday we could get free switch games but I doubt it, idk, we’ll see in the future.

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