N-igmaadded February 8, 2019

A relatively rare watch as you don't see many on forums and even less in the wild. Finally managed to snag one for a good price. I'm over the moon. I've always liked it in online images and the very few photos I found from users on forums. After seeing it in person last year and having it on wrist , I knew I had to have it.
The dial has very good low light visibility , which I didn't expect.
The dial is truly amazing, and the bracelet is on par (i might even say better than) the pilot bracelet on my Breitling.
As Good as the bracelet is , it will be moved to a rios leather strap as I think it's more fitting.

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Abdul Rahman ARFebruary 10, 2019

Awesome looking watch ⌚ 👌

M BonesFebruary 12, 2019


Taehyeong Danny AnFebruary 25, 2019