Baris Mehmet KuralNovember 3, 2019

Please let us know about your customer service experience as well, thanks for sharing

N.igmaNovember 6, 2019

@kuralm74 well, I was told I could get a replacement band with my next order, which in all honesty won't happen. The straps classic alligator straps are much too stiff and the Marino alligator Chrono ones have padding that varies from the specs and between themselves.

Baris Mehmet KuralNovember 6, 2019

@all-x wow thats a big disappointment, I definitely understand you very well. Similar things happened to me couple of times and that experience gives us and to all enthusiasts an idea where to buy. I have been shopping from many retailers. So far watchgecko, Watchbendit, archer, strapcode and barton worked very well for me , i am not a guy that spend more than $50 to a leather watch strap even a horween, vintage hhand made italian, or toscana leather straps. I don’t personally beleive they are worth of it but alligator and genuine brands are my exceptions . I love to share my bad and good experiences with friends . Cause what i see is , we all have more straps than watches that we have for sure . Thank you