N-igmaadded November 5, 2019

Beautiful gloss black dial.
The crown action is very good and the watch is very thin by today's dive watch standards(should be around 11,5 mm)
Wears a bit smaller than the 40mm would lead you believe due to thicker bezel.
The clasp as can be expected us a major disappointment.
The bracelet is ok, but doesn't feel very solid.
The bezel is a bit harder to grip due to it being sunk into the case.
The surrounding indices Could be a bit longer.

RichieNovember 8, 2019

Never seen this Tudor in person before but I already like the look of it

Abdul Rahman ARNovember 9, 2019

I think this one of the either love or hate watches from Tudor, I think I might like it when it's on a NATO strap more than when it's on the bracelet.

N-igmaNovember 9, 2019

@siabdo i think it's an interesting watch but some proportions are a bit off. The bezel is a bit too thick. It would've also helped if the lugs incorporated a bit more into the case towards 8 o clock. And lastly it would help if the other indexes would be as long as 6-9-12 but thinner.