Ryan StoyNovember 15, 2019

Gorgeous. I have a Planet Ocean, but man, the Aqua Terra calls to me.

N-igmaNovember 15, 2019

@ryan.stoy I plan on getting a 40mm planet ocean at one point. They really are completely different watches, the aqua terra is more of a dressier watch. It was kind of hard settling on one model, but from the dress aspect you can't beat the first gen model. I liked the second gen design a bit better due to the higher/taller indices, but too many things put me off, it's as thick as a dive watch (12.9mm) , first have quick set date, and an asymmetric case. The newest one is thinner (12.25mm) and smaller diameter 0.5mm than the second (38mm), but I'm not a fan of the horizontal lines and I wanted a gloss black dial. You can't beat the first gen for thinness (11mm)

N-igmaNovember 15, 2019

@all-x *doesn't have a quick set date