N.igmaadded June 17, 2020

I really like the marine master, but it has flaws which should've been ironed out by now.
Firstly , the end link fitment isn't perfect. There is a little lateral movement as well as up and down, on the top end link more so than on the bottom. You can see the small gap, the tolerances just aren't tight enough apparently or poor QC, I've read about this on the past.
Secondly, they still haven't managed to print the lume triangle smoothly on the ceramic bezel, the lume also seems to be unprotected.
The clasp/dive extension leaves a small gap between it and the link it's connected to, visible in certain angles.
The top of the clasp is too thin for my liking and seems cheap, the interior arm is nice though, but it's about time they stepped up their clasp/bracelet game.

They should've deeply engraved the crown, the shallow laser etching feels cheap. The engraving of the Sumo crown is higher quality
The minute hand is too short not even reaching the end of the hour markers let one the chapter ring printing.
Pin and tube system at this price range nowadays feels like penny pinching.
I finally managed to catch this photos, as it's noticeable only in some light and angles. The new lume compound is apparently thicker and as such in certain light and angles if you look for it you can see that the lume isn't applied perfectly even, it's a bit bumpy in certain places , not as bad as I've seen on others but not perfectly even.

@stumpelriltzchenJune 17, 2020

Thank you for this excellent contribution to the “Nice watch, but...” group. This is very informative.

Abdul Rahman ARJune 18, 2020

Very cool watch, but a bit bulky for my taste

Aaron CJune 19, 2020

Wow! Such a detailed description of the problems you've identified and exactly why you don't like them. Very informative and useful.